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Restaurants of Brighton & Hove


5 Hove Manor Parade
Hove Street, Hove
Tel: +44 (0)1273 730850

Coriander Restaurant, Crème Brule, Orgasms, atrocious service and an abusive and totally unprofessional owner!

On Saturday 8th July 2006 four of us dined at Coriander Restaurant & Deli in Hove to celebrate joint birthdays. It turned out to be one of the most vile experiences I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Want to know why?

As the evening began everyone was in great form. So what if we had to wait 45minutes between ordering and even getting some bread and olives – let alone our first course. Even an unexplainably irate waiter couldn't spoil our good humour.

A further quarter of an hour passed before the starters arrived. And then over an hour beyond that before the main courses arrived. Why complain? Lets just go with the flow.

My main course was cold but still tasty and so we remained in good humour.

However, what was to come was the most shocking and vile experience any of us have ever had in a restaurant and the fact it came straight from the owner and his wife was just totally unbelievable.

We ordered two crème brulées and all of us were very disappointed with their blandness. They were supposedly very exotic with rosewater and saffron, which would have been fine had the basic crème itself had any flavour or texture. We very politely conveyed this disappointment to our waiter, emphasising the fact that we really enjoyed all the other food and wine. He stormed back a moment later and told us very aggressively that this was how the chef made them and they would not be taken off the bill. He shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

Actually, we weren’t looking for money off, but to be listened to when we conveyed our disappointment. So we made the mistake of trying to speak to the owner, Dave. How presumptuous of us!

He was furious that we had not liked his crème brulées with its saffron and rosewater ingredients, and he answered not just aggressively but in a shouting rant. He said he was shocked and very angry. Indeed, apparently, his crème brulées are so famous in Hove that women tell him they have orgasms over them! (Wow, we’d obviously missed out on that particular “When Harry Met Sally” moment!)

“You don’t know what you’re talking about” he sneered and ranted (simultaneously, if that’s possible) “Just go and sit down!” Dave then enlightened us: he did not believe in a customer had any right to disagree with a great restaurateur like him. He had a loyal clientele and the fact that both he and his wife had been so rude to us for not liking our desserts despite spending over 150 pounds and complimenting him on the rest of the food was of no consequence to him and his thriving business.

Basically there was just no way of agreeing to disagree with this totally arrogant and abusive owner.

A very expensive and disappointing ending to what had been a great birthday.

Mrs. C. H.

July 2006

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